Our story

  “You being here with me is the best gift I could ask for.”
  “I don’t need dresses and cars and pretty bracelets, I just want to see my family.”
  “We need to hang out again like this. It was awesome.”


Gifts don’t have precise shapes you can wrap. Wishes don’t have a set phrasing. Sometimes, it is little moments in life that, for lack of resting on a shelf, rest in our minds forever.

More often than not, we associate gifting with stores and purchasable goods. Every other day, we call happiness and people who matter a gift.

While gifting is becoming more and more scarce, the desire to gift meaningfully never ceases, and people still try to get the right gift for their right person at some point or the other. It is that neverending determination that motivated us to create Wishpoke.

A social network to share and inspire beyond the box.

We believe that gifts shouldn’t always be bought. Gifts are all thousands of little pieces of our lives that go to loss because they’re not saved anywhere for people to remember when the time of gifting comes.

By creating a social network where people can share pictures of what matters, people can now save wishes that don’t always come with a price tag and inspire others.

A night out with friends that went well? A family gathering that doesn’t happen as often as you wish it did? A charity that matters to you way more than any t-shirt you keep getting for your birthday?

Make your wishes more than words.
Share it, promise it, remember it.

… Scan it too!
Go beyond the box.
It’s a gift too.


With love,